Monday, August 30, 2010

5 Tips to own more in Halo 3

1.  Starting off with a common one but one that can't be emphasized enough BR BR BR and lead your shots!  Consider 4 cross-sections of the Battle Rifle's reticle.  If your target is moving right then you should be firing with them in the left half of the reticle for perfect shots.  However, you must remember to lead your shots even farther when at a distance.
2.  Pay attention to your team, not just the enemy.  Know your teammates locations and stay within helping distance of them.
3. Communicate!  Learn your call outs, it might seem like a pain in the ass but in the end its going to save yours!  Whether or not your teammates are calling out I guarantee they will save your sorry ass at least once if you call out positions the entire game.
4.Map Control! It is key to learn how to take control of maps.  If you have the high ground in maps like Valhalla or Narrows this leaves the enemy at quite the disadvantage.
5.  Always use cover!  Think again before running out into the open.  Always keep a form of cover nearby just in case some surprise bullets start flying your way.  This way if worst comes to worst you can take cover and call for backup leaving enemy at a high disadvantage.
Well what are you waiting for?? Get out there and polish up those marksman skills, its only two weeks until Halo: Reach!


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